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All Used Up - From ‘’Cottaging 101’ (1M)

- Bruce is realizing his son is growing up too fast.

Bad Situation - From ‘’Race Day’ (1F)

- Rocky reflects on her old relationships.

Cottaging 101 - From ‘’Cottaging 101’ (1M)

- Quint’s novelty song about ‘city’ folk and their lack of cottage knowledge.

Do You Know Me? - From ‘’Race Day’ (1M)

- Jordan, an out of work actor, wonders if this best days are behind him.

Doctor Proctor - From ‘’Sitting Pretty’ (1M)

- Dr. Proctor welcomes Sam to the ‘Mother Of Grace Hospital and Casino’.

Five Years Ago - From ‘Jasper Station’ (1M)

- Bert remembers his days working at the old train station.

Forty-Five Minutes - From ‘Jasper Station’ (1M)

- Sterling is undecided about getting on the train, and is trying to decide.

Frank Mahovlich - From ‘Jasper Station’ (1M)

- Henry sings about his boyhood hockey hero.

Hey Dad - From ‘’Sitting Pretty’ (1M)

- Sam is faced with the possibility of seeing his Dad for the first time in years.

I Can’t Hear You - From ‘’One Moment’ (1F)

- Gail is so blinded by love, she’s oblivious to everything around her.

If I Could Write These Stories Down - From ‘Jasper Station’ (1M)

- Bert tells of his long lost dream of being a writer.

I’ll Lie Down - From ‘’One Moment’ (1M)

- Stuart faces another lonely night alone.

I’m Better Than That - From ‘Jasper Station’ (1F)

- Rebecca sings about her dream of writing a big front page story.

I’m New - From ‘’One Moment’ (1F)

- Danny is excited for her first day at her new telemarketing job.

I’m Right Here: - From ‘’Sitting Pretty’ (1F)

- Julianne sings about her undying love for Sam

I’ve Got Bingo: - From ‘’Sitting Pretty’ (1F)

- Linda (Sam’s mom) sings of her very busy social calendar.

Lost Inside: - From ‘’Sitting Pretty’ (1M)

- Uncle Vic is confused and frustrated about growing older.

Millions Of Light Years Away - From ‘Jasper Station’ (1F)

- Nikki sings of a happier life far, far away.

Penny’s Lament - From ‘’Cottaging 101’ (1F)

- Penny is realizing maybe her marriage has passed her by.

Precious - From ‘’One Moment’ (1F)

- Maria realizes she’s got alot to give.

See Ya Maria - From ‘’One Moment’ (1F)

- Maria’s frustration boils over as she’s always picking the wrong guy.

Shoulder The Load - From ‘’One Moment’ (1F)

- Gail sings of the constant burden of leading her office staff.

Sitting Pretty Part 1: Sailor Sam - From ‘’Sitting Pretty’ (1M)

- Sam sings of his wonderful life!

Sitting Pretty Part 2: Wanda - From ‘’Sitting Pretty’ (1M)

- Sam suffers a set back, but will get over this little bump in the road.

Sitting Pretty Part 3: Unlucky - From ‘’Sitting Pretty’ (1M)

- Sam is shocked that his life as turned so bad, so fast.

The Son I Never Had - From ‘’Sitting Pretty’ (1M)

- Sam Sr. reflects on his decision to leave his family years ago.

Two Steps Forward - From ‘’One Moment’ (1F)

- Danny’s proclamation that she’s gonna ‘kick-ass’ everyday!

What Kind Of Woman - From ‘’One Moment’ (1F)

- Gail questions her character.

What’s Meant For Me? - From ‘’Sitting Pretty’ (1M)

- Sam is ponders his future as he sets out alone to ‘find himself’.


The BBQ Dance - From ‘The BBQ King’ (2M)

- Bo shows his neighbour Jerry his new grill purchase

Drinks With Umbrellas: - From ‘’Sitting Pretty’ (2M)

- Gus and Sam sing of the pleasures of heading south for a vacation.

Feels Like Forever - From ‘’Sitting Pretty’ (1M 1F)

- Jonah and Sheila sing about their love/hate relationship.

I Can Change - From ‘Jasper Station’ (1M 1F)

- Roy makes his final plea to Emeline to win her back.

I Want To Hear Him Say - From ‘Jasper Station’ (1M 1F)

- Emeline and Henry sing about the simple words that are missing in their life.

I Met A Man - From ‘’Race Day’ (1M 1F)

- Rose explains to her father Jordan, how she’s fallen in love.

I’m Here For You - From ‘’One Moment’ (1M 1F)

- John helps to pull Gail through a rough time.

I’m Used To It - From ‘’Race Day’ (2F)

- Sister Emily and Lucinda reflect on growing up ‘different’ that the other kids.

Lost At Sea - From ‘’Sitting Pretty’ (2M)

- Act Two opens with Sam and Jonah hopelessly lost at sea.

Lunch On The Lanai - From ‘The BBQ King’ (1M 1F)

- Roger discovers Barb on his lanai deck, and takes advantage of the opportunity.

Monday Morning - From ‘’Cottaging 101’ (1M 1F)

- Parker and Dayna are dreading another Monday at school.

Muskoka Morning - From ‘’Cottaging 101’ (2M)

- Quint and Bruce experience to beauty of a Muskoka sunrise.

The One For Me - From ‘’One Moment’ (1M 1F)

- Stuart and Maria describe their perfect mate.

One Of Those Women - From ‘’Race Day’ (1M 1F)

- Max tries to explain to Rocky how some women are unattainable.

Race Day - From ‘’Race Day’ (2M)

- Max and Jordan sing of the joys of the ‘Sport of Kings’.

Thirty-Eight Minutes - From ‘Jasper Station’ (1M 1F)

- Rebecca gently tries to steer Sterling in any direction.

This Life - From ‘’Race Day’ (2M)

- Chaz tries to convince Gerard to stay in this ‘life of crime’ for one more ‘job’.

Whatever - From ‘Jasper Station’ (1M 1F)

- Nikki and Henry sing a reluctant flirtation.


The Coming Out Mambo - From ‘The BBQ King’ (1M 2F)

- Macey finally decides to tell her parents why she is ‘different’.

I Wanna Be a Back-Up Singer - From ‘’One Moment’ (1M 2F)

- Kenny sings of his dream.

In Dreams - From ‘’Sitting Pretty’ (2M 1F)

- George, Tracey and Sam reflect on their dreams that slipped away.

Potato Mable - From ‘The BBQ King’ (1M 2F)

- Bo, Barb and Macey discuss the shopping list needed to fill the cottage fridge.

Round 1: Kebabs - From ‘The BBQ King’ (3M)

- Bo and Roger begin the BBQ Competition with the first round, as Jerry officiates.

Today We Sail - From ‘’Sitting Pretty’ (2M 1F)

- Jonah and Sam are leaving on their journey while Julianne sees them off.

Two Weeks - From ‘The BBQ King’ (1M 2F)

- Bo, his wife Barb and ‘goth’ daughter Macey, get in the car, and set off, once again, for
their annual two week vacation to cottage country.

What Are The Odds? - From ‘’Race Day’ (2M 1F)

- Max and Jordan try to teach Sister Emily about the odds and betting on horses.


A Family Choral Cacophony - From ‘’Cottaging 101’ (2M 2F)

- Bruce, Penny and their kids, a portrait of a dysfunctional family

And The Winner Is... - From ‘’Race Day’ (4M 4F)

- The company watch the first race of the day and cheer on their betting choice.

Bob’s Your Uncle - From ‘Jasper Station’ (2M 3F)

- Sterling sings of one his ‘country songs’ for the other passengers.

Cabin Fever - From ‘The BBQ King’ (2M 2F)

- Bo, Jerry, Barb and Macey sing of the frustration of a rainy weekend at the cottage.

Count On It - From ‘Jasper Station’ (2M 3F)

- the passengers sing about the frustrating little annoyances of everyday life.

Fifteen Minutes - From ‘Jasper Station’ (3M 3F)

- Bert alerts the passengers of the train about to arrive.

Finale: There’s A Train - From ‘Jasper Station’ (3M 3F)

- five passengers leave the station to board the train.

Get A Ticket Sterling - From ‘Jasper Station’ (3M 3F)

- all involved try and help Sterling to make up his mind about getting on the train.

It Could be Worse - From ‘’Race Day’ (4M 3F)

- Gerard tries to cheer up Sister Emily.

Lake Muskagogee - From ‘The BBQ King’ (3M 2F)

- the company sings the ‘National Anthem’ of the ‘BBQ Competition’. A celebration of
the lake they love so much.

The Last Race - From ‘’Race Day’ (4M 4F)

- The company watch the final race of the day.

Life Is Better - From ‘’One Moment’ (3M 3F)

- A celebration of Life

Look How Lucky I Am - From ‘Jasper Station’ (1F)

- Emeline faces the possibility of being on her own.

Milton Bradley - From ‘The BBQ King’ (2M 2F)

- Barb tries to relive the ‘Cabin Fever’ by engaging the family in the always entertaining
‘board game’.

One Moment - From ‘’One Moment’ (3M 3F)

- The company reflect on the shocking moment they just witnessed.

Piece Of Paradise - From ‘The BBQ King’ (3M 2F)

- a closing up the cottage, farewell.

Queen Of Everything - From ‘The BBQ King’ (3M 1F)

- the family and Roger celebrate the winner of the BBQ Competition!

Round 2: Pork Ribs - From ‘The BBQ King’ (3M 2F)

- Bo and Roger continue the BBQ Competition, as the event heats up.

Round 3: Eggplant - From ‘The BBQ King’ (3M 2F)

- Bo and Roger compete in the final tie breaking round of the BBQ Competition.

The Sisters Of Charity Orphanage - From ‘’Race Day’ (4M 3F)

- Sister Emily sings about her orphanage that has hit hard times.

That’s How We Ended Up Here - From ‘Jasper Station’ (2M 3F)

- Nikki explains how the ‘universe’ and ‘fate’ brought them together.

There’s A Train - From ‘Jasper Station’ (3M 3F)

- six strangers sing about their observations of a passing train.

Tikki Torches And Noma Lights - From ‘The BBQ King’ (3M 2F)

- Bo, Jerry, Barb, and Macey are mysteriously drawn to the other side of the lake,
seduced by the native rhythms and pretty lights

Volcano - From ‘The BBQ King’ (3M 2F)

- Rogers’ ‘themed’ party hits it’s stride!

Female Teen (and Kids Choir)

This Is My Christmas - From ‘Dear Santa’

- Kit (and her choir) surprise Santa

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